Our workshops, retreats and interactive gatherings enable you to uncover what you want most in life and get on the path to discovering your life purpose.

Master how to…

  • Create a life you love – Get in the driver’s seat, direct your life toward the best version of it you can create
  • Monetise Your Passion – Unlock how to do what you enjoy most and make money at the same time
  • Love your work again – We spend most of our lives at work, stop dreading Monday and take steps to enjoy your work life
  • Build connected, meaningful relationships – Gain tools to shift how you experience and participate in connections with others- from colleagues and acquaintances to family and intimate partners
  • Reinvent yourself, decade by decade – Hone the skills to respond to life’s call to expand and grow into new areas of work, relationship and lifestyle

Workshop & conference speaking…

Are you looking for a speaker to shift your audience’s thinking to more powerful, intentional outlook? I will engage and motivate your audience to overhaul old habits and strive for better thinking.

Transform to more Talks

Refilwe inspires new thinking and approaches issues from fresh perspectives. Treat your team to a stimulating talk and see a shift in thinking, perspective and longstanding perceptions. Content can be customized based on your specific event, company and by agreement.


All speaking themes revolve around using individual strength to build powerful teams. They include:

  • Organisational transformation
  • Leadership of self and others
  • Leadership and work-life issues
  • Dynamic entrepreneurship
  • How to perform at your optimum
  • Shift thinking around money, work and business

Refinery Retreats…

Working on the inner to transform the outer

Our busy lives can leave us burned out, disillusioned and lacking direction. The Human Refinery retreats are an opportunity to pull the plug from the world for two days of bliss. Take the opportunity to step back from the hustle and bustle and look at all the elements which create your daily life. Breathe new life into your thoughts, bring old dreams back to life and be replenished and revived.

Business Coaching Retreats

Business coaching retreats can be arranged for specific teams in your organization Going away from the office as a team offers new perspective, opportunities to engage in new environments and benefit from a combination of team building and team coaching. These retreats help re-ignite your purpose as individuals, but also collectively- making your team a formidable force in the market.

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