Zaida Peck

I met Refilwe 2 years ago when I was in a state of confusion and experienced alot of disbelief in myself. I started coaching sessions with her which in the beginning did not make any sense to me in terms of doing mood boards and writing about all the feelings that pop into my mind. However today I can proudly say that the world and my place in it is clear as crystal. I have through our personal coaching sessions been able to sift out the good, work through the bad and tackle the difficult people and situations in my life. Refilwe has been understanding, accommodating, considerate and above all honest with me in our sessions. She is truly a women of strength and integrity and I recommend her 100% to anyone who is looking for some direction, guidance or help with internal healing. Fili is a real lady which is rare to find these days.

Puseletso Mompei

My coaching sessions with Refilwe have been instrumental in terms of helping me get clear about what I want out of life, and outlining the steps to get there. In an encouraging, non-judgmental and unfailingly positive environment, Refilwe has been priceless in her ability to help me find opportunities where I thought there were none, to dream big when needed, and go back to basics when required. Since working with Refilwe, I have come to believe that a coach isn’t just a luxury for athletes, but a necessity for any woman who wants to define her own direction, space and aspirations in today’s mad, rushed world.

Nosipho Theyise

I’ve worked with Refilwe as my coach for four years now. To sum up my experience: it is like working on your life’s journey as you would on any other important project that comes your way (work, home renovations etc.). Our sessions focus on the here and now, and what it will take to realise the goals that I have set for myself. The biggest lesson for me was taking personal accountability for your life and the decisions that you make. I am happy that I met Refilwe and I have benefited immensely from this experience.

Realeboga Hassam


Thank you so much for the growth you have made in my life, I still have a long way to go but you have equipped me with the right amour to make good strides in all areas of my life.

Learning comes at different stages of life and books can never give you enough lessons for a career growth. Leadership starts with oneself and until one recognizes their own potential, stagnant growth is almost imminent.

Working with Refilwe has helped me realize my potential and helped at a point in my career when I did not know what direction to take. Learning how to deal with different kinds of people across the organization, bringing different skills together and managing relationships to achieve optimally was a skill I took very lightly until I started my journey with Refilwe.

Throughout my relationship with Refilwe, objectivity, humility have been the core inner skills that I’ve learnt to maintain. I have enjoyed working with Refilwe as lessons learnt have not only touched my professional life but personal too and the results have been phenomenal.

My life has entirely been transformed by this relationship.

Thanks Refilwe

Living With Purpose

“If you don’t know who you are and what it is your truly want to be, then how can you recognise and seize your destiny when it presents it self to you? Know yourself and your destiny will find you.”

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